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SELF-STANDING ALUMINIUM LATTICE TOWER KIT / H:4500 is a solid, lightweight aluminum construction.

allows entering it by a qualified installer (person weight up to 100 kg and with wind up to 5 m/s.
section can be hold with only one hand
no need for guy-wires (less space taken)

total kit weight: ~22 kg
total height: 4500 mm
max. allowed weight on top of the mast: 100 kg
max. allowed devices surface: 0,8 square meters
tube wall thickness: 1,5 mm
material: aluminium
cross-section dimensions: 26x26x26 cm
tube dimensions: 35 mm
Kit includes all neccessary accesories for mast assembly.

Kit includes:

3 pcs x Tower Section (RV11252)
1 pc x Aluminium Lattice Tower Anchor Kit (RV11251)
1 pc x Aluminium Lattice Tower Base Kit (RV11250)
54 pcs x Sectional Connection Mounting Screws + Nuts

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